Artist Statement

I am a MA fine art student at University for the Creative Arts about to graduate. Before becoming a fine art student, I had worked as an HR in the internet industry of China for 8 years, which gives continuous nutrients to my art creations. I am a silent, observant, and patient person, who is keen on feeling the emotions that the people have from interweaving with the company, the organization, and even the society, for instance, torturous employees under the high-pressure internet industry in contemporary China. I mainly paint and at times make installations to convey my emotions on the emotions. 

Artists such as Joseph Beuys, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Milton Avery, Patrick Heron have great impacts on my painting style, which tends to incorporate abstraction and simplicity into to some extent a geometrical composition to recreate daily scenes on canvas. I am as well fascinated with the elements of dripping, textures, and simple handling of light. In my latest work series, Lockdown Life, I captured elements of my lockdown surroundings, curtains and windows, handled with dripping bars and color blocks to recreate a looming atmosphere of lockdown. Within those bars, there depict different daily scenes, such as a pair of blue legs laying on the sofa with a background of two symmetrical color blocks with different textures, one is in green with oblique stripe texture, while the other is in grey with vertical wave texture. Simple and flat handling of space with light, texture, and atmosphere suffused in my lyrical approach, which balanced my observation and feelings.

I will continue to take my observations from daily life, merge them into flattening simplified creations to evoke the most direct emotions. I hold in faith that, doing art like this “small gestures” is showing art’s domain political role, which is emerging from within the circumstances and impacting on the external structures. I will constantly push the borders of political arts of daily life, as I develop as an artist.